The 10 Biggest Developments in Bitcoin in 2022

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
The 10 Biggest Developments in Bitcoin in 2022



Impervious Technologies launched the first web browser built on top of Bitcoin’s second-layer scaling system, the Lightning Network. It is a peer-to-peer web browser that offers a full suite of tools for communication, data transfers,and Lightning payments without any middlemen. This comes in the form of secure peer-to-peer messaging, P2P video calls, P2P workspaces, decentralized identity management, decentralized data storage and direct user monetization of their data. All of these tools are fully encrypted, and they remove centralized intermediaries that collect and sell the user’s data. By utilizing the decentralized nature of the Bitcoin and Lightning networks, Impervious Technologies has given us a hint of what the Internet will look like in the future.


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