Tailwinds for South Korea’s Crypto Industry; Bitcoin, Ether Plunge

Tailwinds for South Korea's Crypto Industry; Bitcoin, Ether Plunge

“Now, Europe is seeking new sources of natural gas to replace Russian imports, which account for 38% of the gas imported into the European Union. In addition to Qatar, European nations are talking with gas producers in Angola, Algeria, Libya and the U.S., according to officials in these countries.” (The Wall Street Journal) … “We are preparing a full exit from fossil energy coming from Russia, starting with oil – but without exporting our energy crisis to other countries. We need to think globally, invest in #RenewableEnergies worldwide & build energy partnerships.” (German Foreign Office) … “Modern know-your-customer/anti-money laundering (KYC/AML) regulations are equivalent to financial bloodletting today: They do little good and may cause a lot of harm. Yet, whether we like it or not, the KYC/AML nightmare is coming to crypto.” (CoinDesk contributor Boaz Sobrado) … “Ethereum could have been less complex, [Vitalik] Buterin writes. Its virtual machine could have used existing code rather than a bespoke solution. Its developers could have gone with a crude version of proof-of-stake (the consensus algorithm that will eventually secure Ethereum) that existed in 2013. Ethereum could have been “more Bitcoin-like,” Buterin said, referencing that first blockchain, which aims to do one thing well – serve as a global, peer-to-peer settlements layer denominated in a secure, digital bearer-asset, BTC.” (CoinDesk Assistant Opinion Editor Daniel Kuhn)

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