Polygon Announces Celestia Integration: TIA Price Spikes to All Time High

Polygon Announces Celestia Integration: TIA Price Spikes to All Time High


Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform, revealed plans to integrate decentralized data infrastructure Celestia into its modular blockchain building toolkit. The move aims to streamline data availability for developers launching new chains using Polygon’s technology.


Polygon announced plans to integrate Celestia’s data solution into its development kit for building new chains
Celestia’s TIA token surged to an all-time high of $13.1 following the announcement
Integration will allow developers to leverage Celestia’s cost-effective data availability when building chains with Polygon’s tools
Polygon co-founder compared potential impact to arrival of broadband internet for blockchain adoption
TIA has seen over 400% price growth since launch, with current market cap over $1.5 billion

In an announcement that sparked a surge in Celestia’s TIA governance token, Polygon said adding support for Celestia will create a “broadband moment for Web3.” By offloading the storage and verification of network data to Celestia, chains built with Polygon’s tools can operate more efficiently.

Since launching on mainnet in October, Celestia has quickly gained traction as a cost-effective data availability solution tailored for layer 2 networks. Its unique modular architecture separates data and execution layers, enhancing scalability and flexibility.


Integrating Celestia will allow developers to tap into these benefits when building both rollups and validium chains with Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal even compared the integration’s potential to the arrival of high-speed broadband internet.

“The ability to launch a high-throughput ZK-powered Ethereum layer 2 as easily as deploying a smart contract will do for blockchain adoption what high-speed fiber did for Web2 applications,” Nailwal said.

Nailwal envisions Celestia reducing the complexity of foundational blockchain components to the point even basic smart contracts can be deployed with ease.

The plan to incorporate Celestia comes as Ethereum itself continues working on native data availability improvements to help scale rollups. Despite ongoing challenges with congestion, optimistics rollups still rely on Ethereum’s infrastructure.

Independent data providers like Celestia, Eigenlayer, and Avail have emerged to offer custom data solutions catered to layer 2’s needs. Polygon said its modular CDK will retain the flexibility to support additional providers as the landscape evolves.



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