How blockchain empowers women in developing economies



Poised in the world market as a technology-first economy, Indian firms are rapidly investing in blockchain technologies to create new job opportunities.

Cryptocurrency exchange WazirX on March 2, 2023, published its survey of 400 female crypto holders in India and concluded an uptrend among women entering crypto investing. 

However, this uptrend is not limited solely to investing. Women in India are actively joining career opportunities in Web3, crypto and blockchain platforms as creators, builders, influencers, founders, developers and more. Blockchain-related jobs are opening new and much-needed job avenues for the young demographic in this fast-growing decentralized web world. 

EthIndia Devfolio to promote blockchain careers in India


The annual ETHWMN Fellowship in India, promoted by ETHIndia Devfolio, is an eight-week program exclusive for women to upskill Web2 developers and enable them to make the transition to Web3. Upskilling, removing barriers to entry for women, creating a more inclusive and remote first work environment are helping bring more Indian women into the blockchain workforce. 

The projects highlighted show that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have potential for improving financial inclusion for women globally. Access to such initiatives can raise the quality of life and expand economic opportunities for women.


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