DAOs Aren’t People, Crypto Lawyers Tell Court in CFTC’s Ooki Case

DAOs Aren't People, Crypto Lawyers Tell Court in CFTC's Ooki Case

Still, it’s how the CFTC has brought these charges that has attorneys in the crypto industry sounding alarm bells. The agency sought court permission to serve the entire DAO at once by posting the lawsuit on a public forum and through a help bot. Judge William Orrick, of the Northern District of California, briefly approved this move, before responding to two motions for leave to file amicus briefs brought by LeXpunK and the DeFi Education Fund (meaning they asked for permission to join the case). DEF filed its amicus brief alongside its motion to join, which the judge accepted after the fact. LeXpunK had until the end of Monday to file its own amicus brief. Another party, crypto venture fund Paradigm, asked the court to file its own amicus brief earlier on Monday.

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