Crypto Carbon Trading Is Racing to Clean Up Its Act; Cryptos Drop Even as Stocks Rise

Crypto Carbon Trading Is Racing to Clean Up Its Act;



“Some traditional internet business models, like advertising, are likely to persist in the metaverse. However, with blockchain-adjacent technologies such as decentralized identity and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), one’s privacy can actually be preserved in the metaverse, if we construct the foundations just right. Nonetheless, leveraging these kinds of privacy and identity technologies, especially ZKPs, may come with the additional hurdle of poorer latency [because] the zero-knowledge proof itself can be computationally expensive to perform.” (CoinDesk columnist Daniel Kuhn) … “And yet, even if met with dogma or incredulity, innovation is rarely curtailed. The truth gets out. And so too will this happen with the metaverse, the latest technology declared dead on arrival.” (WeMeta co-founder Winston Robson, for CoinDesk) … “International trade has undoubtedly brought great prosperity but we must recognize that our economic choices have consequences for our security,” the former Norwegian prime minister told people gathered at the event … Freedom is more important than free trade. The protection of our values is more important than profit.” (Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the World Economic Forum)


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