Building a Sports DAO: 4 Lessons From LinksDAO

Building a Sports DAO: 4 Lessons From LinksDAO



HUGE ideas are exciting (“We are going to buy an NFL team!”) but delivering value for members sets the great projects apart from the pack and keeps everyone excited and engaged. The LinksDAO membership already receives major discounts, access and benefits from the likes of Callaway, Top Golf, 5i, Holderness & Bourne, William Murray, Ship Sticks, DraftKings and plenty more partners just for being part of the community. These benefits have made the LinksDAO membership more valuable than any digital golf subscription in existence and the project is only seven months old. Find your focus, build community and excitement, organize and deliver VALUE. Also, make sure that you know how your project is going to thrive past its formation. If you’re going to form a ski club DAO and buy a ski mountain, you better know how you’ll make money and keep it open for many years to come.


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