A Beginner’s Guide to TradingView Crypto Trading Bots 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to TradingView Crypto Trading Bots 2022


A TradingView bot keeps a watch on alerts from a user’s TradingView account and makes pre-set actions in real time. Alerts can be set based on price levels, one particular indicator or multiple ones.

The software collects huge volumes of data, related to crypto markets in real-time. This info is analyzed according to pre-defined trading strategies to generate gainful suppositions called TradingView bot signals.

These days, any high-quality crypto trading bot from a reputable developer, e.g. TradingView bot, is quite an advanced product. Based on technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s capable of things that are far beyond just executing certain algorithms.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a well-recognized cloud-based charting platform, i.e., a large complex website that provides about thirty million of its users with valuable tools and data. Even a free account offers handy functions, which enables traders and investors to create custom interactive charts, where they can see the entire picture of various global markets and spot lucrative opportunities there. Active traders predictably prefer to get a premium account and consider it a good investment.


APIs in TradingView actually are virtual databases, containing loads of figures on assets’ prices and their history. When an app makes a Get Price request to the API, this information could be used to create a visual chart of the stock’s activity, which enables the user to develop a successful trading strategy.

In addition, TradingView serves as a specialized social network, where numerous users interact with one another, talk about markets, share know-hows and ideas. Thanks to such conversations and participation in the community, newbies master new skills and gain experience quicker.

TradingView is pretty informative for experienced traders as well. It has sophisticated tools for technical analysis, together with multiple indicators that will come in handy for a proficient trader. On the other hand, its user-friendliness makes this resource a great choice for those who are just getting started in technical analysis.

By the way, there is a number of alternatives to TradingView. Here are just a few best-known ones:

MetaTrader (Free)Protrader (Free)TabTrader (Free)Good Crypto (Freemium)Coinigy (Paid)

What the best TradingView bot is Like

What kind of automated trading software you’ll call the best? Quite logically, it’s the one that suits your requirements to a tee. People differ, and so are their preferences, that is why an efficient bot should be customizable to a great extent in order to meet the needs of all its users, whatever their level.

Besides, it’s desirable that it combines automated trading and market monitoring with manual activity. Needless to say, it should support many strategies and allow using third-party signals. Also, such a program should allow you to take advantage of even the smallest price changes at crypto markets.

Here are just a few popular automated crypto trading apps:

Make the Most of Automated Trading Software at WunderTrading

WunderTrading (known as Wunderbit before its re-branding) also offers sophisticated and user-friendly tools for crypto trading.

Being a reputable platform, focused mostly on automated and copy trading, this web resource is a perfect place to try using bots. WunderTrading is popular with newbies and experts alike. Both appreciate the platform’s well-thought-out structure, its intuitive interface, and user-friendliness of its highly configurable TradingView bots.


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