$16K Bitcoin dropping to $12K–$14K — Can this really happen? Watch The Market Report

$16K Bitcoin dropping to $12K–$14K — Can this really happen?
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On this week’s The Market Report show, Cointelegraph’s resident experts discuss the possibility of a $12,000–$14,000 Bitcoin (BTC) price and what that would mean for the rest of the crypto space.

We start off this week’s show with the latest news in the markets:

New BTC miner capitulation? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin prepares to exit a grim November just above $16,000 — what could be on the menu for BTC’s price this week? We discuss the protests in China, the possibility of Bitcoin miners being on the verge of capitulation and other important things to know about Bitcoin this week. We break down everything that could affect the price of Bitcoin and explain in simple, easy-to-understand language so you’re up-to-date and well-informed.


BlockFi bankruptcy filing triggers a wide range of community reaction

As crypto lending platform BlockFi filed for bankruptcy, members of the crypto community reacted with mixed feedback as another platform fell during the current bear market. We take a look at what the crypto community thinks of the BlockFi bankruptcy and do our own analysis as to what could possibly be the reason.

Calls for regulation get louder as FTX contagion continues to spread

Crypto executives and politicians are becoming louder in their calls for crypto regulation as the aftermath of the FTX collapse continues to reverberate through the industry. Could the whole FTX debacle be the catalyst that crypto regulators needed? Will the industry finally see some serious progress being made on the regulation front, and what could those regulations possibly look like? 

Our experts cover these and other developing stories, so make sure you tune in to stay up-to-date on the latest in the world of crypto. 

Next up is a segment called “Quick Crypto Tips,” which aims to give newcomers to the crypto industry quick and easy tips to get the most out of their experience. This week’s tip: High-Frequency Trading (HFT).

Market expert Marcel Pechman then carefully examines the BTC and Ether (ETH) markets. Are the current market conditions bullish or bearish? What is the outlook for the next few months? Pechman is here to break it down.

Lastly, we’ve got insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a platform for crypto traders who want to stay one step ahead of the market. Our analysts use Cointelegraph Markets Pro to identify two altcoins that stood out this week, so make sure to tune in to find out.

Do you have a question about a coin or topic not covered here? Don’t worry. Join the YouTube chat room and write your questions there. The person with the most interesting comment or question will have a chance to win a one-month subscription to Cointelegraph’s Market pro worth $100.

The Market Report streams live every Tuesday at 12:00 pm ET (4:00 pm UTC), so be sure to head on over to Cointelegraph’s YouTube page and smash those Like and Subscribe buttons for all our future videos and updates.


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